Starboard River 9'6" x 36" x 6"


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White Water / River Touring

Länge: 9'6"
Breite: 36"
Dicke: 6"
Volumen: 334L
Gewicht: ca. 15,4 kg
max. rider weight: 55 - 105kg
Finnen Setup: Center: PH River / Side: White Water

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This board is short, compact and stable. The 9’6’’ is designed to maneuver the most technical river runs. It accommodates up to 105 kg. and will take first timers from navigating basic class1 and 2 rapids up to advanced white-water performance. A new wider and squarer shaped nose increases stability to handle bigger drops and more extreme river runs. The tail is marginally wider to give more stability when stepping back to turn. Increased nose rocker stops the nose from diving and helps safely drop into steeper runs.


Extra durable double layer skin deck and bottom for greater impact resistance from hitting rocks in the rivers.


The Deluxe technology fuses the deck and bottom PVC into a single layer, removing the need to apply glue & solvent thus reducing unnecessary weight. A 3K Carbon fiber compression band is laminated along the entire outline to control the shape and support stiffness.

Lieferumfang: 9'6" River iSUP, Tasche, Pumpe, 4+1 Finnensetup