Starboard River 10'11" x 31" x 6"


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White Water / River Touring

Länge: 10'11"
Breite: 31"
Dicke: 6"
Volumen: 323L
Gewicht: ca. 15,4 kg
max. rider weight: 50 - 95kg
Finnen Setup: Center: PH River / Side: White Water

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This board is designed as the ultimate river racer for riders up to 95 kg. The narrower width makes for an ultra slippery and fast shape. The 10’11’’River is slightly shorter than the 11’0’’ River but significantly narrower at 31’’ width. This narrowness reduces the surface area, reducing drag and increasing the overall glide and top speed. The wide tail is stable to step back and maneuver, while the pulled in nose is about efficient speed.


Extra durable double layer skin deck and bottom for greater impact resistance from hitting rocks in the rivers.


The Deluxe technology fuses the deck and bottom PVC into a single layer, removing the need to apply glue & solvent thus reducing unnecessary weight. A 3K Carbon fiber compression band is laminated along the entire outline to control the shape and support stiffness.

Lieferumfang: 11'11" River iSUP, Tasche, Pumpe, 4+1 Finnensetup